Time to Close or Revive Your Business?

After the events of the last 6 months, where does it leave you and your training business, and what are your options?

You may have seen our recent piece in FE News – www.fenews.co.uk/featured-article/consolidation-of-training-providers-13825

The shambles of the last 6 months RoATP/ITT Tenders/Funding Allocations have left many providers in a precarious position.

It is a very worrying time for many Directors and Owners of training businesses. We know how painful this is and we are ready to help – we have vast experience in business management and turnarounds and believe that if you act quickly you can re-invent and REVIVE your business. We do have Chartered Accountancy capability within our team but this is so much more than Accountancy advice.

Project Revive from the Leadership Team will help you:

  • Explore your viability and future options as a business
  • Assess your capability and capacity to survive
  • Take a reality check on your financial position
  • Help with downsizing if necessary
  • Help you acquire, merge or partner with other companies if practical
  • Help you transform from being a Funding business into a Commercial Business, not reliant on future funding

If we do not think your company is viable or can survive we will advise you of the best way to close the business in an orderly fashion in your own time and with you in the driving seat.

There is no time to waste. Please call your Leadership Team contact or email projectrevive@leadershipteam.info for DAY 1 – The Diagnosis.