Case Study: Becoming An Employer Provider

At the Leadership Team we work with a variety of organisations to help them achieve their goals. Here is one example of an organisation that we offered support to in order to help them become an Employer Provider.


What challenge did the organisation pose?

The organisation wanted to become an Employer Provider.

What solutions did the Leadership Team provide?

  • We helped them in the process to become registered on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP), thus ensuring that they were eligible to deliver apprenticeship training.
  • We worked with the organisation and helped them put in place all of the training programmes.
  • We assisted them in putting together a Self Assessment Report (SAR) and Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).

What was the outcome of the service provided by the Leadership Team?

  • The organisation successfully obtained RoATP registration
  • The organisation is now able to deliver training as an Employer Provider.
  • All appropriate Quality Systems are now in place for the organisation.