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Confidentiality in the M&A Process

It’s a strange thing but it’s the ultimate dealmaker’s paradox: that special something that makes a business valuable and attractive to would be purchasers is also a matter of utmost secrecy. The question is, as a seller or buyer looking to take a business to the next level, how do you share and scrutinise the […]

Why you should consider an Acquisition

There are many ways that you can grow your company; scaling, innovation or strategic alliances to name but three. However, for many businesses, mergers and acquisitions are becoming the strategy of choice. So, why is that? Well, first off, M&A’s are much faster than organic growth. They can be a quick way for a firm […]

What is M&A?

In this blog we take a look at Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). In simple terms this involves one company acquiring another by way of a takeover (acquisition), or two companies fusing to form a single larger entity (merger). The main reasons for a company to execute an M&A transaction are to grow its business (by […]

Apprenticeship Provider For Sale July 2018

Apprenticeship Provider – South Coast Health and Social Care/Business Admin/Team Leader/Management Non Levy and AEB Contracts for 2018-19: £800K Estimated Turnover to March 2019 £ 900 K Estimated EBITDA to March 2019 £ 250 K Grade 2 Ofsted 70%+ Success rates SALE PRICE £750,000

Leadership Team attends Westminster Briefing on Apprenticeships

Interesting afternoon spent listening to some excellent speakers at the Westminster Employment Forum Apprenticeship Series– Funding apprenticeships in England – supporting employers, meeting demand and the future of the apprenticeship levy. Along with the recent AELP conference and many other events, it is evident that there is a perceived gap between Government Policy on apprenticeship levy and […]

Are Degree Apprenticeships revolutionising Higher Education?

Although launched in 2015, it is only in the last 18 months or so that degree apprenticeships have begun to gain some traction with employers and students alike. It has long been a complaint of employees that current graduates and/or degree programmes don’t provide the necessary skills that are required in the workplace and that […]

What are Degree Apprenticeships?

Launched in April 2015 to provide students with a university-level qualification and employment experience, while allowing them to share the cost of their education with employers. They move beyond the old-style “higher apprenticeships” by making a university degree a core part of the apprenticeship experience. What subjects can you get a Degree Apprenticeship in? The […]

The Leadership Team attends Talent In Logistics Conference

The Leadership Team will be exhibiting at the Talent In Logistics Conference. The conference is designed to help businesses improve training in the logistics and transport industry, whilst also allowing businesses to meet with potential new suppliers. When is the Talent In Logistics Conference? It takes place on Thursday 21st June 2018 at Telford International […]